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According to WHO’s projection, in 2030 cancer death will be 15.5 million i.e. 11.9% of the total death of world population. Cancer kills nearly 8.5 lac people in India every year. In most of the cases the disease is diagnosed at a stage when curative treatment no longer benefits the patient. This holds true for more than two thirds of the cancer patients of the world. Palliative care is the choice of treatment in those cases.  It refers to the comprehensive management of the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and existential needs of the patient.
Palliative care is also necessary for other diseases like HIV/AIDS, congestive heart failure, cerebro vascular diseases, neuro degenerative diseases, mental illness, chronic respiratory diseases, ailments of aging  etc.

The Construction of PALLATIVE CANCER HOSPITAL consisting of 18 units having a capacity of 162 Beds is under progress. Civil works for 2 units are already complited.
Location : Village Teghari,  District Nadia, West Bengal, India,
located at a distance of one kilometer from Madanpur Railway Station, on Sealdah Main line.
By Train  : 50 kms from Sealdah.
By Road  : 60 Kms from Kolkata via NH 34 (Birohi More to Madanpur)
Land Area and surroundings : 3.5 bigha of land with full of greeneries and adjacent water bodies.

The facilities as stated above will be provided by a team, since Palliative care is a multi disciplinary team effort. The team is to be comprised  of oncologists, general physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, cultural workers and trained volunteers.
Other professionals like art and music therapists, dieticians, pharmacists and nursing assistants will also join the team as needed.
Each member of the team recognizes and accepts a fiduciary relationship with patient and family while maintaining professional boundaries with them. The training of team members and family members in this regard will be mandatory and a continuous process.
FACILITIES In patient Care
When patients’ management turns  beyond control at home or at community setting ,  admission of the patient to the Palliative Care Centre for in-patient care facility will be encouraged.
Out patient Care
The day care unit or out patient unit will provide the service to those patients who are not too sick or who may be taken care of by their family members. It will guide the patients’ family to review the need of the patient.
Home based Care
In a society like ours, home is the setting in which most of the patients choose to receive their care, and also prefer to breathe their last. Oncolink will encourage home based care by ensuring the involvement of community.
There will be a strong link between home based care and in-patient care to extend more intensive palliative care .

The  centre  will be equipped with all modern infrastructural facilities needed for Palliative Care :
•    18  units, having  162 beds       
•    Operation Theatre                                  
•    Seminar/Community Hall                       
•    Administrative Block                              
•    Out Patients’ Department
•    Diagnostic Centre
•    Pharmacy
•    Guest House
•    Library
•    Canteens
•    Ambulance/Hearse         
•    Mortuary

It would be a people’s initiative  where the Doctors and  members of the organisation  provide their services voluntarily and to make it sustainable. The patients will contribute a minimum cost of the treatment extended to them, as decided by the community itself.
In order to maintain parity with various Govt. policies and its implementation, Oncolink will maintain constant liaison with other organizations operating within the society. Ultimately, the drive will assume the shape  of a widespread social movement in course of time.