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Awareness Programme:
Cancer awareness builds an accurate rational understanding of the disease.
A number of seminars, workshops on cancer and associated problems are being carried out regularly through different schools, colleges, clubs, and social organizations throughout West Bengal.

Early Detection:
ONCOLINK conducts early detection camps of cervix cancer by VIA as well as PAP test  in villages of West Bengal and suburbs and slum areas of Kolkata with the aim to detect the disease at an early stage at which better  treatment can be offered.

Training and Workshop:
Oncolink organizes training and workshop for health workers of Municipalities and Panchayats with a view to conduct screening programmes of cervix cancer by VIA as suggested by WHO.
Oncolink also organizes clinical examination of breast as a part of early detection of breast cancer.

Clinic &Counseling:
Member Oncologists of Oncolink runs Free Clinic cum Counseling Centre 3 days a week for cancer patients and their families .
Monday( 5-00 pm to 7-00 pm) at NiramoyBhawan, 38/1, Sultan Alam Road, Kol-33
Thursday (4-00 pm to 6-00 pm) at KPC Medical College & Hospital, Jadavpur, Kol-32
Saturday (3-00 pm to 6-00 pm) at Oncolink  Office: 2, Dr Suresh Sarkar Road, Kol-14
Drug Bank/ Blood Donors’ Card Bank
Cancer drugs are provided in a limited capacity to the poor cancer patients undergoing treatment at Govt. Hospitals.
Blood Donors’ cards received from different social organizations are distributed amongst cancer patients.
Temporary Accommodation for cancer patients at NiramoyBhawan
Oncolink in association with Bharat SevashramSangha runs a temporary accommodation with canteen facility at nominal price at 38/1, Sultan Alam Road, Kol-33, with in-house capacity of 30 patients of OPD of Govt. Hospitals along with one of their family members. Oncolinkorgaises interactive discussion and cultural programme to boost up the patients and their family members.

Seminar & Day Observations:
Oncolink organizes a number of seminars on health and cancer related issues. It also observes  Anti Cancer Day, National Cancer Awareness Day, Women’s Day, Rose Day etc. regularly.

Art as a Therapy:
Oncolink explores different forms of art, music, drama as a therapy for palliative cancer management. It produces a drama ‘HaripadaSamachar’  in association with ANYADESH, a drama troup of visually challenged  persons.
Oncolink also produced an Audio Drama against misconception  and  myths of cancer. Oncolink launched one audio CD  of  songs and poems ‘ParanSakhaBondhu He Aamar’ performed by eminent artists who are also cancer patients to commemorate Tagore”s 150th Birth Anniversary.

Oncolink  raises its voice for the rights of cancer patients, along with different related social issues and government policies.

Researches and Projects:
( From Laboratory to Field )
Oncolink always engages in the basic as well as epidemiological research on cancer.

Projects undertaken :
1) Role of Antioxidant Vitamin Aand E as adjuvant in Radiotherapy on head and neck cancer patients
It was conducted with the help of theDept. of Radiotherapy, Calcutta Medical College & Hospital and Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Calcutta.
2) Evaluation of Environmental Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Leadand Benzene exposure of Calcutta population by Biological Monitoring Technique
The project was undertaken by Dept. of Occupational Health, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health. Our organization was the co-organiser of the project.
3) HealthAssessment and Pollution Camps in villages.
The project was financially assisted by Dept. of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal.
4) Awareness Program On Cancer among school students based on their knowledge, belief and perception.
The project was financially assisted by Department of Science and Technology and NES, Govt. of West Bengal.
5) Early Detection of Cervical Cancer at Chakdah Block, Nadia.
The ongoing project is financially assisted by NRHM, Govt. of India.
6) Construction of PALLIATIVE CANCER HOSPITAL has been started Civil works of 2 units are complited.